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We are a team of digital forensics specialists dedicated to helping businesses, law enforcement, and individuals understand and investigate cyber crime. We love solving puzzles, teaching, and asking questions – which is why “5W” is part of our company’s name.


Our team includes certified specialists, researchers, and experienced digital investigators, led by our cofounder Professor Ali Hadi, Ph.D.


We offer practical, interactive, skill-based digital forensics training that is accessible and affordable. We are also available for consulting, speaking engagements, and on-site training.


Courses are offered both online and on-site, in leveled modules.


Courses are designed for self-paced, on demand learning, at your convenience.


Our mission is to share our knowledge and expertise, teaching the skills, tools and best-practices needed to investigate cyber crime, bring criminals to justice, and make the world a safer place.

Tsurugi – Cyber5W – Academy

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